Monday, 12 May 2014

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for Food Lovers

1. Piedmont, Italy
Piedmont is the perfect place for you to visit if you love fine dining. This Italian food capital has many food specialties that include, Bagna Cauda, Flan di zucca con fonduta, apart from the famous Italian pizzas and pastas.

2. Mendoza, Argentina
The culinary tradition of Argentina’s Mendoza has been merged over the years with an exquisite blend of customs from the Creole origin, along with heavy Spanish and Italian influences. The food here is meat-based, accompanied by some unique salads and divine cheeses. Mendoza is also known for its wines, and these are usually complemented with walnuts and almonds.

3. Port-au-Prince, Haiti
The capital and the largest city of Haiti, is known for its interesting mix of African, French and Caribbean cuisines. Despite the catastrophe, it remains a tourist favourite, especially with its beautiful beaches and some incredible food.


4. Singapore
The heart of Singaporean food lies in the hawker stalls on the streets, consisting mainly of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisines. The hawker markets might appear too plain for some tastes, but they are in fact the best places to explore multi-cultural cuisines.


5. Goa, India
There is no question that Goa is one of the most visited honeymoon spots in India. Blessed with natural beaches, coconut trees, gardens, along with heritage monuments and remnants of the unique Portuguese culture, Goa has everything that a culture buff can ask for. But the most intriguing part is the variety it offers in food. 


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